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Giovanni Di Carlo was born in Giulianova on 4 June 1868. His father, Vicenzo, was 29. His mother was Diana Di Deo from Bellante.
Giovanni was married to Sofia Sabatini. She was born in Giulianova on 15 May 1870. Her parents were Antonio Sabatini and Loreta Ricciotti.
Giovanni and Sofia had 17 children. 15 boys and 2 girls.
1. Lugi Pasquale Di Carlo
    born in Giulianova on 11 April 1892
2.  Maria Di Carlo
     born in Giulianova on 30 October 1902
3.   Umberto (Albert Angello) Di Carlo
    born 2 January 1905
4. Elizabeth DiCarlo
5. Antonio Di Carlo
6. Giulio Di Carlo
7-17  their names and whereabouts are unknown to our family. We have some of their pictures below:
Stefano Di Carlo
(Abt 1809-Bef 1864)
Cristina Capaccia
(Abt 1812-Bef 1864)
Vicenzo Di Carlo
Dianna Di Deo
(Abt 1843-Bef 1891)
Giovanni Di Carlo


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Giovanni Di Carlo 1

bulletBorn: 4 Jun 1868, Giulianova, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy
bulletMarriage: Sofia Sabatini 5 Nov 1891, Guillianova, Teramo, Italy

Giovanni married Sofia Sabatini, daughter of Antonio Sabatini and Loreta Ricciotti, on 5 Nov 1891 in Guillianova, Teramo, Italy. (Sofia Sabatini was born in Giulianova, Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.)

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